Top Tech, Automation + AI Predictions For 2019 – 2020

11 members of Forbes Technology Council were asked to share their predictions on the top tech trends for 2019 – 2020 ! By nature, whilst nobody can wholly depend on these well considered forecasts, I would report, they do mostly reflect the ebb and flow of the local Middle East Tech market place… Hope you enjoy the content and please remember, If you’re looking for a role in Tech, or a client wishing to work with a recruiter that’s got a reputation for getting things done, please contact me on:

1. Increased Automation

We are going to get more tools and apps that do the work for consumers and business owners, automating lives in many ways so more mindless, time-consuming tasks can be passed off.

2. A Block-Chain Comeback

This year was a terrible year for block-chain, but 2020 will see new applications and possibly a breakout company or two. AI is perched on the edge of the chasm, with early adopters giving the early majority confidence. In 2020, AI will cross the chasm into the mainstream, solving real problems for people in a variety of industries, not just ads, search and self-driving cars.

3. Better Human/AI Collaboration

We couldn’t escape AI in 2018/2019. It’s useful in programmatic tasks, but some companies got into trouble by giving it too much decision-making power in the recruiting process. Using unstructured and potentially biased data led to biased outcomes. I think 2020 will be the year that companies focus on getting data-sets consistent and teaching humans to collaborate with AI without giving it too much power.

4. Expansion Of Connected Devices

I think there will be an explosion of connected devices that moves us forward with this smart system for living and working. All signs point to more consumer and business devices in 2020.

5. Inclusion Of Augmented Reality In Most Apps

Augmented reality has already hit the market and is available with mobile devices. Initially hitting mobile devices as games or fun activities, we will see continued growth in 2020, bringing it into practical everyday utilization. As developers become more acclimated with the technical functionality and allow their creativity to show, it will become integrated into most apps in the marketplace.

6. Upgraded Cyber-security Using ML And AI

Next year will be a year to remember in technology. Trends are already showing that the tech world is focusing on cyber-security and keeping up with our adversaries by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and protect against attacks. As these technologies learn and improve you will see a much quicker, less costly response to our adversarial attacks.

7. Solutions To The Tech Backlash

In 2018/2019, we saw a backlash against tech — swirling headlines around the negative influence of technology on our democratic process, society, interpersonal relationships and so on. However, there was a dearth of solutions, whether in the proposal of alternatives or the introduction of regulations or other best practices. Next year will see this: What we use, and how we use it, will differ from today.

8. Technology Convergence

We’re about to witness the biggest shift in tech in a generation. The buzzword-loaded, hyped areas of AI, machine learning, block-chain and AR are all impressive in their own right but were previously silo’d. Convergence between these technologies will unlock an incredible amount of value for business as they become integrated into standard processes, leading to unprecedented productivity gains.

9. Augmented Analytics Using Natural Language

Augmented analytics leveraging natural language generation (NLG) will transform the way organizations, executives and data experts glean more accurate insight and deepen engagement from their data. Adoption of natural language to surface the most important findings in a fraction of the time will make data science more accessible, developing citizen data scientists throughout all business roles.

10. Growing Commitment To Data Security

2020 will be a year of information security. Currently, all companies try to get as much data as possible, but they do not care about data security. A lot of companies will open security departments or outsource it to specialized companies. Massive data leaks will continue during 2020.

11. Higher E-Commerce Sales Of Everyday Items

E-commerce is such a convenient way to shop. It’s easier to price check and saves us a ton of time. I think we’re going to see a continued rise in people purchasing everyday consumables online. Things like paper towels, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste — all the things that would normally classify as an “errand” and trip to the store will see a boost in online sales.