We’re different

Taking the time to build clear and transparent relationships with our clients and candidates is high on the list of priorities for all at EmiraTalent, as we want to be there for the long term and not just the easy win/one-off engagement.

With clients and candidates alike, we take additional time to establish exactly what is required and the type of individual, or company which represents “the right match”. Soft skills and cultural fit should be considered in equal measure to technical, or academic prerequisites.

Our ultimate goal is to keep candidates well informed of new opportunities and our valued clients suitably abreast of who’s currently in the market for consideration, or how their particular industry is trending in terms of salary and workforce availability.

We understand our clients’ time is valuable and incorrect or poorly conveyed information can prove very costly. Some recruiters may consider a brief phone call as “candidate vetting”, however, and before an applicant has been forwarded by our team for a client’s consideration, we would have sought rigid qualifying information.

With this at the forefront of our process, our expert consultants take every precaution to ensure the individual we submit to a client is ready, willing, and most importantly “technically able” to pursue an opportunity.