Here to help

A Personal approach

Our team of highly experienced consultants know it takes more than simply finding you a new job to give you a positive candidate experience and with this in mind we go to every extra effort to make our job seekers feel valued.

We promise to take care of you; from the initial conversation or communication, right the way through to making sure you’re settling in well to your new position, we’ve got you covered.

It’s our job to ensure that you don’t feel like you are just using a service, but more left feeling you’ve made a genuine professional connection and built a relationship that will serve you well throughout your career.

Please remember, even when you’re placed, we will always be on hand to guide and help you.


Real Experience

We walk the walk and certainly talk the talk.. but more importantly know what we’re doing and understand the sectors we operate in. With over 10+ years in country experience dealing with 1000’s of roles, you’re in safe hands.

In order to find the dream role you’re looking for, our consultants will call upon specialist industry knowledge to clearly ascertain your skills and the best fit position for your next move. Our goal is to find you a long term position.

Whilst, we are not rocket scientists, we do know a little about going above and beyond in matching you with the right role and ultimately want all of our happy clients spreading their positive experiences.

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Working for you

EmiraTalent are your consultants. Whether it’s linking your experience to live mandates we’re currently recruiting for, or being proactive and connecting you with potentially suitable companies in our extensive network, we are at your disposal.

You can expect from us; regular callbacks and check-ins throughout our search, prompt and informed interviews arming you with all of the knowledge you need and most importantly solid and pertinent advise throughout the process (maybe even a reality check or two).

From the Consultants through to our Managing Director, we remind ourselves daily of the principle, excellent candidate experience is the number one focus in any company and the reason why people keep coming back. After all, without job seekers, there is no company.

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