Practice makes perfect

Cornerstone of Experience

The exceptional EmiraTalent team, is made up of well-balanced, international and highly skilled individuals, who collectively have over 25 years professional exposure across multiple sectors

Our assignments across the Middle East are often varied and we hold effective capability to deliver on executive level appointments, bespoke high impact projects solutions, through to identifying one off support type individuals.

All of our consultants have spent many years in the region, possess a deep understanding of the often diverse business cultures and associated expectations therein and to sum up, are widely considered by our customers as the “Recruiters in the know”

Over the years, our founding senior team have clearly identified the formula for providing efficient delivery and in short, it starts with the very careful selection of our very own delivery experts… After all, only the best people can deliver the best results.

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Consultative and Committed

Experience has taught us that in taking significantly more time with our initial client briefings/accurately qualifying our clients core business needs, this purposefully aids our efforts in achieving accurate delivery first time, every time. As the saying goes, “proper preparation prevents poor performance”.

Whilst firstly we are of course a business, this doesn’t mean we can’t forge good relationships and show empathy throughout the entire process. At every stage of engagement, we are always double checking for agreement, accuracy and satisfaction.

We’re so quietly confident in our ability to deliver on our promises, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the professionals we place in your business, or we will demonstrate our commitment to customer services and replace them without charge per our customer agreement. Our goal is to have clients and candidates who are ambassadors for our company.

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Local Knowledge is the Key

You need to know the terrain. Our in depth and second to none knowledge from a geographical and business perspective form part of the reason why our customers return to repeat the EmiraTalent recruitment experience time and time again.

Whether dealing with cultural sensitivities, or understanding immigration process within differing countries, our teams will have the answers and be sure to impart this knowledge way before it’s asked for. We are determined to make sure we have no nasty technicalities spoiling an otherwise seamless experience.

This intuitive approach ensures the satisfaction of our clients and allows our business to pride itself on saving valuable time as a matter of our process. Whilst from time to time somewhat unforeseen bumps in the hiring road occur, you can rest assured the team at EmiraTalent will have you covered and there will be no unnecessary delays.

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